***Our bakery is only open for walk-ins on Fridays & Saturdays! Cake orders are available for pickup Wendesday through Saturday. Please note that we always require a minimum of 5 full days notice for whole cake orders. Thanks loves!***

National Pie Day Pre-Orders 2023!

Please read all of the following information before placing your order.  Thanks so much!

The following items will be available for same day pickup at our bakery, located at 2636 W Chicago Ave, on:


**We do not ship/deliver at this time**

 Pre-orders will go live here at 10AM sharp on TUESDAY, MARCH 14TH FOR SAME DAY PICKUP!! All items will say "sold out" until the inventory is manually added at 10AM. 

Our website will become locked at 9:45AM so we can add the inventories of each item. Just give the page a refresh at 10AM and the page will automatically unlock & all items will become available!

Due to the high demand, some items will sometimes sell out FAST (and by fast we mean likely within MINUTES), so we highly suggest making a customer account on our website so your information is saved (click here to do so), and being ready to order right at 10AM!

Even if you're on our website and ready to order right at 6PM, there is still a chance that the item you want will sell out before you can grab it, so please keep that in mind & try to be gentle with us--we are a small team of four, not a chain or franchise, and value quality over quantity. 

**Gentle note that our website is not like ticketmaster where the items in your cart are held for a set amount of time until you finish checking out. If an item in your cart is low in stock and someone else with the same item in their cart checks out before you, the item will disappear from your cart** 


A small check box will pop up at checkout that requires you to agree to our no-show & refund policy before placing your order! That policy is listed below:  

*** Since our treats are baked fresh, have a limited shelf life, and are being held for you until closing time, all sales are final and there are no refunds for no-shows, late/forgotten pickups, or same day cancellations. By placing your order, you are agreeing to pick up your treats on the listed day in between our set hours. There will be a 15 minute grace period until 4:15 before we'll be locking up shop for the day. Please reach out right away via email (NO instagram/FB DMs please) if any issues come up so we can work out an alternate pickup date.*** 

Once you arrive at the bakery, come on inside, tell us your ORDER NUMBER(S) (listed in your confirmation email(s), and we will hand your treats off to you!  

***if you also ordered a whole cake, please make sure to let us know! Your orders will come up separately in our system***

Click on each item for descriptions + shelf life/storage instructions. All items are 100% VEGAN!


Love y'all!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to read all this, we know it's a lot! 



***All of the items below will be listed as "SOLD OUT" until we manually add the inventories of each item at 10AM on TUESDAY THE 14TH OF MARCH. JUST REFRESH THIS PAGE AT 10AM AND ALL ITEMS WILL BECOME AVAILABLE***